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Our goal is for all people to live a healthier life. Meanwhile, the journey there should not be driven by a guilty conscience. It is supposede to be fun and inspiring to take care of yourself. A good physique should not come at the cost of your mental wellbeing. Therefore we work thoughtfully and environmentally conscious with all our brands. High level of service, continuous development and knowledge are our cornerstones. Join us on our journey as we face the future with leaps and bounds.

Lena Frejlin, CEO

BungyPump is the unique training pole with approximately 20 centimeters of built-in suspension and from 4 up to 10 kilos of resistance.

BungyPump World Association trains and licenses instructors in BungyPump exercise both nationally and internationally.


Our subsidiary company that offers innovative and exclusive sports and health related products in the United States.

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